Pergola with adjustable roof, Bioclimatica, Aluminium


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  • 3x3x2.5 m
  • 3x4x2.5
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  • Anthracite grey
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  • Yes

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Individuals - 24 months

Legal entities - 12 months


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The Bioclimatica pergola is a perfect accessory for any terrace or garden, thanks to its functionality. Whether you want a space where you can relax in peace or you want your parties to be uninterrupted by rain, Pergola will make a harmonious contribution to your outdoor space.

Pergola Bioclimatica is a roof made of aluminium slats that folds down along aluminium guides. The structure is made of 6063 aluminium, electrostatically painted, giving it strength and durability.

The aluminium slats are foldable and fitted with a drain channel, and when extended, a sealing effect is created, covering the entire terrace. Its resistance allows a water flow of up to 5L/minute and 25 kg/blade in snow, it is recommended to keep the blades in the open position during heavy snow.

Each pole of the pavilion has a rainwater collection system to help you on rainy days. Simple to assemble and easy to operate, the Pergola extends your outdoor season.

The insect and UV netting kit is compatible with the Pergola and can be purchased separately.

Maximum resistance

The pergola is designed and engineered to last through all seasons.

The electrostatic painting and the aluminium alloy used is optimal for the longest life of the product.

LED lighting

Because most yards also need a modern and efficient lighting system,

we offer you the option of the Pergola with LED embedded in the frame on all 4 sides. 

Rain system

The design and architecture of the Pergola is built to facilitate the collection of rainwater and its drainage through the foot of the pole.  

Electrostatic painting

Electrostatic painting is a different process from conventional painting mainly due to the fact that no solvent is used to keep the contents and binder of the paint in a liquid form.

The paint consists of a fine powder that flows through a spray mechanism, electrostatically adheres to the substrate (the surface of the painted part) and is then hardened in heating furnaces to form a paint coating.


Metal poles 100 x 1000mm
Product size 3x3x2.5 m / 3x4x2.5m / 4x6x2.5m
Beam 105 x 120 mm
Front housing 100 x 120 mm
Side housing 100 x 120 mm
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Todome ensures warranty for the following:
• For damage to the welds (breaking) a period of 2 years (24 months) for individuals, respectively 1 year (12 months) for legal entities, from the date of delivery.
• The materials used are products in accordance with the standards according to the declarations from the suppliers.
• The products are resistant to large temperature variations (frost, heat) as shown by the warranty certificates received from suppliers.
• Todome does not guarantee paint damage, and after installing them, it is recommended to repaint them.

Pergola with adjustable roof, Bioclimatica, Aluminium