Self-supporting sliding gate - model 04


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Poarta autoportanta sau poarta in consola este alegerea foarte buna pentru locuinta ta, dar si pentru spatiile industriale. Daca te intereseaza o poarta durabila cu un timp de functionare prelungit, aceasta e alegerea optima. Poarta autoportanta are nevoie de spatiu mai mare pentru deschidere/inchidere.

Beneficiile produsului

Eficienta: Lipsa sinei terestre care poate ingheta la temperaturi joase sau supraincalzire la temperaturi inalte, ducand la blocarea portii, este unul din avantaje.

Instalare ușoară: Silentioasa avand o glisare usoara si necesita minimul de ingrire.

Întreținere redusă: Intreținere este minimă, datorită construcției sale durabile. Este proiectat să reziste la condiții meteorologice dure și să dureze ani de zile.

Vopsire în câmp electrostatic: Vopsirea electrostatică cu pulbere oferă multiple beneficii, cum ar fi rezistența sporită la coroziune, temperaturi ridicate, impact, abraziune, condiții meteorologice extreme și raze UV.

Avem de asemenea o gamă de caracteristici suplimentare,cum ar fi accesoriilestalpii sau automatizari, oferindu-vă cel mai bun nivel de confort și securitate.

Electrostatic painting

Electrostatic painting is a different process from conventional painting mainly due to the fact that no solvent is used to keep the contents and binder of the paint in a liquid form.

The paint consists of a fine powder that flows through a spray mechanism, electrostatically adheres to the substrate (the surface of the painted part) and is then hardened in heating furnaces to form a paint coating.


Height 180 cm
Width 400 cm / 500 cm / 600 cm
Gate type Self-supporting sliding gate
Gate opening size Left / Right (according to your preference)
Material Steel quality S235
Coating method Electrostatic spray painting with powder coating
Total weight
Vertical elements Profile 40 x 20 x 2 mm
Delivery The gates are delivered using Todome trucks, with a fleet optimized for the safe transport of heavy or oversized products.
Packaging Yes
Todome makes every effort to maintain the accuracy of the informations on this page. Rarely can they be inadvertent: the photo is for information only and may contain accessories not included in the standard packages, some specifications are subject to change without notice or may contain operating errors. All promotions on the site are valid for available stocks.


Todome ensures warranty for the following:
• For damage to the welds (breaking) a period of 2 years (24 months) for individuals, respectively 1 year (12 months) for legal entities, from the date of delivery.
• The materials used are products in accordance with the standards according to the declarations from the suppliers.
• The products are resistant to large temperature variations (frost, heat) as shown by the warranty certificates received from suppliers.
• Todome does not guarantee paint damage, and after installing them, it is recommended to repaint them.

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Self-supporting sliding gate - model 04